ClosetMaid Shelving Products

All ClosetMaid Ventilated shelving is made from vinyl-coated steel and SCS® Certified for minimum of 90-91% recycled content.

Close Mesh ClosetMaid

Close Mesh

ClosetMaid® Close Mesh shelving is perfect for pantries. The deck wires are spaced 5/8 in. apart versus the 1 in. of our other wire shelving. This "close mesh" wire shelving keeps small items in the pantry from tipping. Shelving can be cut for a customized length with a hacksaw or bolt cutters.

Shelf and Rod Corner Kit by ClosetMaid

Corner Shelves

ClosetMaid's® Shelf & Rod Corner Shelf Kit is designed to use with Shelf & Rod wire shelving. By installing in the corner with shelves connecting, this shelf creates a usable corner so that hangers continue around corner.

Heavy Duty Shelving by ClosetMaid

Heavy Duty Shelving

Consumers consider garage and basement storage among their top three home improvement priorities. ClosetMaid's® full line of garage storage products creates more space by getting items off the floor. Our sturdy industrial-strength products also make garages safer and clutter free. Ventilated wire shelving allows for visibility of items.

Shelf and Rod Shelving by ClosetMaid

Shelf and Rod

Economical Shelf & Rod shelving provides shelf and hanging space for bedroom, laundry or where extra space is needed. No need to purchase a hang rod, it is constructed into the shelving unit. Ventilated wire construction. Shelving can be cut for a customized length with a hacksaw or bolt cutters.

Superslide shelving by ClosetMaid


SuperSlide® shelving is perfect for folded clothes, linens, and other closet items. With the addition of SuperSlide closet rod supports and closet rods, it forms a hanging system that allows hangers to slide freely end to end.

Wire Drawer Kit by ClosetMaid

Drawers and Accessories

ClosetMaid® ventilated wire drawer systems provide convenient, drawer storage for closets and other areas in the home. The drawer kit includes five 7 in. deep baskets, 10-runner frame set and crossbars. Locking caster set is sold separately.